Thursday, November 14, 2013

#SomeoneTellSaudiArabia'ns to stand with #Ethiopia'ns to Stop Human Rights Violation

For me, the people of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and #Ethiopia are two people with the same behavior. Especially, until the former have gotten the oil to become rich. Both are religious people who lived under series of regimes that used religion as a tool to get legitimacy and rule in a totalitarian way. Even now, both of our rulers are accumulating economic power by exploiting resources of each of us.

Our relationship as two people started when the prophet's family came here seeking security protection and continued when ours flock to Saudi seeking economic liberation. Our King (Armah) said he would never give the prophet's family to his enemies even had he had proposed a mountain of gold. We want to hear that from the people of Saudi Arabia today.

Currently, Saudi Arabian billionaires are engaged in farming investments in Ethiopia which the people called "land grabbing". Thousands of local people are displaced from their birthplace for the farm whose fruits will be collected to feed Saudi Arabians. On the other hand, our poor citizens are coming to your country. We believe that you may be experiencing in some activities that are inconvenient to your society. We also believe you have a lot of ways to solve this rather than brutality against humanity.

A few Ethiopians have committed crimes in Saudi Arabia and it is not fair to conclude Ethiopians are criminals. Similarly, because a few Saudi Arabians are committing crimes against Ethiopians, we cannot say Saudi Arabians are against Ethiopians. It is in this understanding that I call Saudi Arabians to stand hand in hand with Ethiopians for the respect of humanity, rule of law and love between the people.

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